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Therapy is offered to adults at my consulting room in Kingsteignton (Newton Abbot) using an integrative approach which includes aspects of different types of therapy (counselling, psycho-analytic, psychodynamic, humanistic, Jungian, transpersonal). For those requiring therapy or supervision, I am able to work throughout the UK over Skype.

I can thus offer my clients the opportunity to work with a psychotherapist trained to work either on a short term fixed period to get through a temporary hiccough, or at other times, with a therapist trained to take you on a journey into depth psychology. This offers a longer term, open-ended therapy to explore life goals, life path, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, the meaning of life and the road towards self knowledge. Personal issues may be explored confidentially in a comfortable, private setting with someone who has no other role in your life and will not judge but is there merely to listen, hold and explore possibilities for future growth.

If you are experiencing long-term depression, anxiety, complex PTSD, or going through a major transitional period in your life, it may help to work with a therapist who has travelled her own journey through over 60 years of trauma, severe complex PTSD, spiritual awakening and transition into a new way of being. When years of on-going weekly therapy fail, then perhaps it’s time to consider working in a different way!

What Conditions Can it Help?

Areas in which I have and do work with extensively include psychedelic integration, anxiety, depression, stress, sexuality, spirituality, mid life crisis, spiritual emergency/psychosis, existential issues (why am I here, what is the purpose of life!), bereavement, relationships, adoption, abuse… amongst others.

What Benefits can be Expected?

A different way of looking at life, your own process, a new way of thinking about yourself, who you are and how you may find your own niche as an individual on the road to healthy integration and a stronger sense of self.

‘If you want to make God laugh, then tell Him your plans!’, Woody Allen

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